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Yellowstone Road Trip

In August 2020, My roommate, girlfriend, and I drove from Austin, TX, up to Yellowstone. On the way up, we stopped in Dallas and Amarillo on our way to Bozeman, Montana where we were staying. Amarillo is home to Cadillac Ranch, a roadside sculpture of several partially buried Cadillac cars that people can spray paint. Here, I got to do graffiti for the first time which was pretty cool because many people had left partially used cans of spray paint around.

When we arrived in Montana, we used that as a jumping-off point for going to Yellowstone for the first half of our trip. Bozeman is about an hour and a half from Yellowstone, but staying in Yellowstone is prohibitively expensive, so we made the drive every day. Yellowstone looks like a completely different world, with its bubbling mud pits, boiling lakes, huge waterfalls, geysers, and grand prismatic spring. It's a very different experience, one that I recommend to everyone at some point.

Partway through the trip, we moved to an Airbnb in St. Anthony, Idaho. St. Anthony is a very small town with few amenities, but it does have one hidden gem: the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. I had never seen sand dunes like that before and wasn't even aware that something like that existed in the states, so it was super cool to see. Unfortunately the locals were incredibly rude to us when we tried to speak to them, which left a bad taste in my mouth.

On our days in Yellowstone, we saw many bison and elk. One night, on our way back to the Airbnb, we came mere feet from hitting a large male elk that walked out in front of us on the highway, which was pretty crazy because they are huge.

Near the end of the trip, we took a day to go to Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have to say that the Grand Tetons may be the most underrated national park in the U.S. I had barely heard anything about it. The mountains were so beautiful and imposing and the landscapes were so breathtaking, that I could hardly take it all in. Jackson Hole was a bougie tourist town with great food, but was very expensive.

On the way back to Austin, we went to a park to see the old Oregon Trail. It was amazing that the ruts in the stone were still visible. We had a nice picnic there and took some photographs, contemplating the history that was around us.

The trip I took from Austin to Yellowstone is definitely one I recommend. There were a lot of unique sights I saw throughout my trip that I would recommend people check out. There are some really beautiful, wild, remote places still left in the central United States, with a lot of amazing things to behold.


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