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Vegas: It isn't all Casinos and Gambling

Anyone who knows me well knows I visit Vegas regularly, usually once or twice a year. I lived there for several years so I still have some of my closest friends in the town. When people think of Vegas, they generally think of casinos and gambling, but this desert city has so much more to offer.

Seven Magic Mountains is a large outdoor sculpture just outside of Las Vegas. These towering, brightly colored rock pillars in the desert are a popular place for people to take photographs for Instagram.

Red Rock National Park is another stunning natural area outside of Las Vegas. It has great hikes and gorgeous scenery, with huge red mountains and canyons with some of the greenest areas of the city. It is a great workout and a good way to spend a day away from the crowds on the strip.

This isn't to say that the casinos aren't worth checking out. They are bustling 24/7, filled with bright lights and gorgeous art. The restaurants on the strip are also amazing, with world-class food that is easily among the best in the states. Next time you go to Vegas, though, think about giving some other areas a shot.


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