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Tokyo, City of the Future

It is an easy ride through beautiful rice paddies via train from Narita Airport to Tokyo. Tokyo is very well connected by subway, however, it does stop running from approximately 12-5am. I once again Couchsurfed, staying with a few different hosts. In one interesting experience, one of my hosts lived in an apartment that had a communal shower. I had to shower and bathe with a number of other women, which was a new and slightly frightening experience. I was worried I'd be stared at because of my weight, but everyone was really considerate and kept to themselves.

Tokyo is huge, with a lot of beautiful areas. Some of my favorites are always the Buddhist

temples. I saw several beautiful Shinto temples and got an opportunity to meditate at some of them. While walking around the city, I also got to try a lot of interesting food, such as matcha candies and sushi from a revolving sushi bar. At this kind of restaurant, you grab the sushi you want off of a conveyer belt and they charge you based on the color of the plates at the end of the meal.

My very favorite thing in Tokyo was all the different theme cafes. I went to a cat cafe, which was a super adorable little cafe with many different drinks all dispensed by one machine. I also went to a maid cafe, where women dressed as maids sing and dance and serve you food in the shapes of adorable animals. It was a lot of fun to be somewhere where creativity is expressed so freely throughout society.

It is incredibly easy to fall in love with Tokyo, and I'm sure the same can be said about the rest of Japan. There are several things I would still love to see, such as Mt Fuji and the cherry blossoms. I can't wait for the next time I step foot in this country.


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