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St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

I went to St. Thomas when my grandparents booked a trip but were unable to go. I stayed at the Wyndham resort, which was really nice with decent food. The island seems to mostly cater to cruise ships, as a journey downtown in the evening finds most of the stores and businesses to be closed and shuttered. However, we did find a cool pirate museum where I learned a lot about the history of piracy. Although it was catered mainly to children, there was still a lot that was interesting to see as an adult as well.

In the evening, we went to Red Hook, which was recommended to us by several locals as the best place to hang out. We went to Duffy's Love Shack and had some awesome drinks, which were served to us in cool mugs shaped like animals. However, later in the evening we had a really bad experience, which led us to stay in the resort for the majority of the rest of our time on the island.

On our last day, we went to Coral World Ocean Park, which was really interesting. I got to see a big sea lion up close doing a show, touch several types of rays, and go to an observation area under the ocean. There, I made friends with the adorable puffer fish above. Puffers are very curious and often very friendly as well, and this one was no exception. He followed me around from the other side of the glass, which was very adorable.

Overall, my personal experience on the island was not good, but take your own precautions and make your own decisions while traveling. If you decide to go to St. Thomas, make sure you tell this little guy hello for me.


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