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Panama, the Most Biodiverse Country

Panama is truly exceptional for how many different species of animals live there. Panama has more species of animals within its borders than all of the rest of North and South America combined. While visiting Panama, I visited Biomuseo, a biodiversity museum constructed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. This museum is my favorite museum I've visited anywhere in the world, as I am very interested in animals. It was sad to see the effects of humankind on the biodiversity of the planet.

I also visited Parque Metropolitano, a rainforest park within the city limits of Panama City with awesome wildlife and great views of the city. While in the park, I saw turtles, a sloth, a tarantula, and many cool bugs like leafcutter ants.

In addition to amazing nature, Panama has many manmade wonders as well. Casco Viejo, the old city, is the best area for tourists to spend time. It is very safe, with well-maintained buildings and nice restaurants.

Panama Viejo is even older. There are many beautiful ruins in Panama Viejo and it is mostly empty of people. This could be because it is in a less safe area of the city. The city is reconstructing many of these ruins. It is very interesting and beautiful and I highly recommend checking out these ruins.

Finally, the Panama Canal is a must-see. The Miraflores locks are an engineering wonder and I was shocked about just how large the ships passing through are. I even got to see some capybaras! Panama City is very cool. Do your research when you visit this city, as I wouldn't recommend walking around all areas without a guide or local to assist you. However, there are many cool and safe areas to spend time.

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