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New Zealand Road Trip

Although I had visited Auckland a year prior, there was still a lot of New Zealand I had yet to see, so when my father asked if I wanted to drive from Auckland to the South Island, of course, I said yes. We drove from Auckland down to Taupo, which was very beautiful. There was some kind of bike race taking place, so there were many cyclists in our hotel. Taupo is a beautiful volcanic town known for its National Park, the country's largest lake, and a picturesque volcano. As we were only there a day, we spent most of the time in the hot springs, which were lovely and boasted their own little waterfall.

The following day, we drove to Wellington, which is quite a large city and the capital of New Zealand. It is a dense city on the southernmost tip of New Zealand's North Island. It seemed lively and friendly, but I had an early ferry so I spent most of my time there sleeping.

The day after that we took the ferry to the South Island of New Zealand and drove to Akaroa, a small city on a bay with a very unique and friendly culture. We went to the local tavern on the water, which served exquisite cocktails, and saw a mother and baby Orca in the bay, which was incredibly cool. We also hiked through some nice forest and saw the local lighthouse. It was a really lovely town with great food and was a very peaceful way to spend an evening. If you are looking for somewhere to spend a relaxing weekend, Akaroa should definitely be at the top of your list.


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