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Lima, Peru is INCREDIBLE

While Peru is mostly known for Macchu Picchu, the capital city of Lima is very compelling as well. The locals are very kind, the food is amazing, and everything is extremely affordable. There is a nice area near the ocean with great restaurants and shopping called Larcomar which I highly recommend for a visit. The Miraflores region is a lovely and very safe area to stay in.

One of the amazing things about Lima is how they seamlessly build up the newer parts of the city without destroying any of the many ruins. They really value their heritage and preserve it accordingly. Above is the view from the balcony of a restaurant I ate at, where ruins are being cleaned and restored just outside.

Legends Park was also amazing. There was a zoo with a bigger variety of big cats than I'd ever seen anywhere else. After leaving El Parque de las Leyendas, I had an amazing meal of ceviche from a local restaurant for only a few dollars.

Lastly, I tried surfing for the first time. Many surf companies dot the coastline, willing to help anyone who might want to learn to surf. The waves are really strong, which makes it a bit intimidating, but still super fun! Trying to climb out, the water carves the rocks right out from under your feet. It is the scariest ocean I have ever been in and requires a lot of strength, but still super fun. I highly recommend taking a surfing lesson while in Lima. Whatever you do, this city is an absolute must-see.


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