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I Come From a Land Down Under

As my dad and uncle were born in Australia, I couldn't wait to see Australia for the first time, so I flew to Sydney in April 2016 to visit what I consider to be my home. As with my trip to Costa Rica, I used Couchsurfing to find a place to stay. The first night, my host took me on a rainforest walk, where I quickly learned why people say "everything in Australia is trying to kill you" upon getting absolutely covered with leeches that were attempting to crawl up my entire body. The view was great, though, even though the picture quality wasn't.

Australia was where I really found my love of exploring cities on foot. I was able to take a metro into downtown Sydney from the place I was Couchsurfing several times and saw beautiful beaches, Darling Harbor, the Opera House, and the lovely botanical gardens. One thing that struck me about the beaches and harbor is that there were many many jellyfish. I am not sure if it was a seasonal thing or always like that, but

it was definitely a sight to behold! Luna Park was also another lovely walk, shining brightly in the night with the lights from the rides and attractions along the boardwalk.

On my last day in Australia, I did another nature walk and was able to get very close to a family of kangaroos, including a young joey. They were extremely cute and curious, and it felt like a beautiful way to end my trip. I look forward to making another visit back to my homeland now that I'm a citizen and checking out some other parts of the country!


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