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Heading to Germany for Pokemon Go Fest

I went to Germany to go to Pokemon Go Fest in Dortmund. Initially, I flew to Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a beautiful and very walkable city. I spent the day walking near the river and went to an excellent Ethiopian restaurant. The next day, I took a train to Cologne, which proved to be very difficult to do without speaking German. At one point, I missed three consecutive trains because the track kept changing and it was only announced in German over the loudspeaker.

Eventually, I was able to get on the right train, and we made it to where we were staying in Dusseldorf. After settling in, we went to Cologne. Cologne was very beautiful and the people were extremely interesting and kind. We went to the Museum Ludwig, which boasted an impressive number of Picasso's works. When we came out, there was a pride festival going on. It was awesome! The streets were packed with happy festivalgoers and they were selling awesome German beer on every corner.

The following day, we spent some time walking about Dusseldorf and went to a Biergarten for the afternoon. It was really nice, with a view of a lake park. I hung out with my roommate and my Airbnb host, who was a nice gentleman from Nigeria. Later in the evening, he made us Jollof rice, food from his country. It was really nice and had some of the best food we had the entire trip. Ironically, my favorite food I had in Germany was African food!

On the final full day, I had Pokemon Go Fest in Dortmund, which was loads of fun. Westfalenpark was huge and very interesting, with gorgeous gardens and sculptures throughout. I caught a lot of Pokemon and got a good number of shinies.

The next day we took a train to Frankfurt to fly back to the United States. Overall, I thought Germany was a cool and safe country with generally friendly people (although some don't like people from the U.S.). It was a good experience and I recommend everyone go at some point to see the lovely architecture and experience all that is Germany.


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