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Costa Rica's West Coast

On my second trip to Costa Rica, I went to Playa Del Coco and Playa Hermosa on the West Coast as I had a friend out that way I wanted to visit. Although these towns aren't very big, they are very oriented to tourism, with a lot of nice bars and restaurants on the beach. It is a very relaxing atmosphere, with friendly locals and a long path along the beach.

There is a really strong wakeboard culture in the area, which is pretty cool. I tried to wakeboard but I couldn't make it more than a couple of feet into the water without falling. It is very difficult! My friend Jesse, however, is amazing at it.

And as always in Costa Rica, I made friends with loads of super friendly strays. The dogs in Costa Rica are so lovely. I'm not a huge dog person but they do really pull on my heartstrings. They are not aggressive or pushy at all. They are just sweet and loving.

Between the monkeys waking us up in the morning, amazing seafood, and relaxed sunsets on the beach, Costa Rica is always stunning. It will forever have a special place in my heart.


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