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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the land of Tango, steak, and great red wines. Although locals will warn you to be cautious, the city feels very safe for a tourist. Like anywhere, you should do your research on which areas are best for recreation and staying.

I highly recommend trying some well-rated, popular steakhouses while in Argentina and trying the beef and lamb. They are truly very fresh-tasting and delicious. In addition to great steakhouses, the bars in Buenos Aires have a lively, almost NYC-like feel. There are many expats in the city, and you are likely to encounter people from all over the world.

Cemetery Recoleta is one of the most popular places to visit, for good reason. The sculptures in the cemetery are beautiful and it is very well maintained. Many Argentine celebrities are buried therein as well. When I was there, I made good friends with a stray cat!

Finally, make sure you take an opportunity to walk down by the waterline and see some of the great city views Buenos Aires has to offer. If you love a fusion of Latin and European culture, this is the city for you.

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