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A Week in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a wonderful climate year-round and makes for a great place to visit for even an inexperienced traveler. It is relatively safe with lovely beaches, great food, and kind people. San Jose has great food and I was really taken aback by the beautiful, high-quality graffiti throughout the city.

After a couple of days in San Jose, I took a bus to Limon and then a connecting bus to the lovely town of Puerto Viejo, where I stayed in a hostel with an open room in a bed with a mosquito net, a first for me. The nightlife was very fun, with a great little bar called Outback Jack's next door. Come to find out, it was started by an Australian who visited and then just completely fell in love with the town.

We wrapped up the night with a beer on the beach, hanging out with some cool local stray dogs. Interestingly enough, they are very friendly. I really wished I could have taken this sweet boy home!

The following day, I spent some time in neighboring Cahuita, which has a beach and a resort with a beautiful rainforest walk. It is an amazing place to walk. I only trekked about a mile, but I managed to see a tree frog, many monkeys, a hermit crab, and a sloth.

Unfortunately, this was the end of my time in Costa Rica, and I had to take the bus back to San Jose to catch my flight home. However, Costa Rica will always have a place in my heart as one of my favorite destinations. The lush rainforests, diverse ecosystem, kind people, and laid-back attitude all make Costa Rica a great destination for a relaxing vacation or for an ex-pat to reside.


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