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Tucson and South Arizona

Many people don't realize the natural beauty that lies in southeast Arizona. The desert landscapes are absolutely picturesque, with unique natural formations. When I went to Arizona in the spring of 2022 to visit my family, I got an opportunity to view some truly spectacular areas. One of these was Saguaro National Park, a large desert park absolutely packed full of saguaro cacti. The average age of the full-grown cacti in the park is 150 years, which really helps you appreciate the history of the park. Some may even be 200 years or older.

We also took a road trip down through Bisbee, a really cool little remote tourist town with a large mine, to Chiricahua National Monument, possibly soon to be Chiricahua National Park, which was also insanely cool. The park is made up of loads of rock pillars (hoodoos) formed by huge volcanic eruptions 27 million years ago. It is truly an underrated wonder and worth checking out before it becomes a National Park and draws millions of visitors a year.

Arizona is a beautiful and wild place, and it is definitely worth taking an opportunity to explore the state by car and on foot to see everything it has to offer.


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