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Alaska in Winter

When I told my aunt I wanted to visit her in Alaska and she told me to come in wintertime, I initially thought she was kidding. To my surprise, there was sunlight in the winter and a winter trip to Fairbanks was actually super cool. We spent a day in the museum at the University of Fairbanks, where I learned a lot about the history of the Inuit people. We also did a bit of sledding, as my roommate had never done it before.

The following day, my aunt took us up to Chena Hot Springs Resort. It was super interesting to swim in hot springs in -30 degree weather. Your body feels warm, but the water on your hair and eyelashes freezes very quickly. We saw sled dogs and even saw the Northern Lights (but very faintly).

At night, we went to the ice museum on the property. It was incredibly cool to see a building and bar made entirely of ice. There were endless carefully crafted ice sculptures to see, and we had a drink from glasses made entirely of ice while we were in the museum.

After leaving Chena Hot Springs Resort, we went to a place that gives dogsledding rides to visitors. We had a ride of approximately a mile through the snow, which was exhilarating. The dogs were well trained and clearly loved doing the dogsled ride. I was surprised by how much they love it.

Overall, I really loved the trip to Fairbanks and I highly recommend Chena Hot Springs resort to people of all ages. I look forward to seeing Alaska again one day. Next time I'd love to see it in the summer!


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